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Welcome to the Ultimate Sailor Moon FanArt Challenge! (T.U.S.M.F.C. )

This group was made for anyone who would like to participate in the Ultimate Sailor Moon FanArt Challenge!

The Challenge
All you have to do is draw all of the characters in this list. I realize that there are a lot of characters  but that's why it is a CHALLENGE.  It is also a great way to show off your love for Sailor Moon!  If you love the Anime or know anyone that might be interested this challenge, please refer them to this group! I am working on this challenge as well (up to #56 at the moment :heart: )

I'd really love to see everyone finish the list!
I know you can do it! :w00t:

Any art  for this challenge may be submitted to us as long as its not:
Screen Shots
Work thats not your own
Made from Blanks
Made from Bases

Referenced pictures are okay!

Everything will be submitted to featured, then placed in the appropriate folder by us. :)

Without further delay, here is the list of every character we would like you to draw from seasons 1-5 of Sailor Moon including Sailor Stars.

Please keep in mind that there are also some characters that only appear in the manga/comic.

Also I know there may be some characters that are missing but this list was created by a fellow deviant who is no longer active, not us!

Ultimate Saior Moon Fanart Challenge List

:bulletred: Sailor Moon-Season 1 :bulletred:
1. Usagi/Serena
2. Usagi's/Serena's Mom
3. Luna
4. Naru/Molly
5. Umino/Melvin
6. Sailor V
7. Motoki/Andrew
8. Sailor Moon
9. Mamoru/Darien
10. Tuxedo Mask
11. Ami/Amy
12. Sailor Mercury
13. Rei/Raye
14. Sailor Mars
15. Jadeite
16. Queen Beryl
17. Nephrite
18. Makoto/Lita
19. Sailor Jupiter
20. Minako/Mina
21. Artemis
22. Sailor Venus
23. Zoisite
24. Kunzite
25. Queen Serenity
26. Queen Metallia
27. Queen Beryl (after receiving extra power from Metallia)
28. Princess Serenity

:bulletyellow: Sailor Moon R-Season2 :bulletyellow:
29. Ali/Allen (human)
30. Natusmi/Ann (human)
31. Ali/Allen (Alien Form)
32. Natsumi/Ann (Alien Form)
33. Moonlight Knight
34. The Doom Tree
35. Chibiusa/Rini
36. Cooan/Catsy
37. Calaveras/Avery
38. Petz/Prisma
39. Berthier/Berti
40. Rubeus
41. Wiseman
42. Sailor Pluto
43. Esmeraude/Emerald
44. Prince Diamond
45. Saphir/Sapphire
46. King Endymion
47. Neo Queen Serenity
48. Black Lady-Wicked Lady

:bulletgreen: Sailor Moon Super-Season 3 :bulletgreen:
49. Haruka/Amara
50. Michiru/Michelle
51. Kaorinite
52. Hotaru
53. Sailor Chibi Moon/Mini Moon
54. Professor Tomoe
55. Eudial
56. Mimete
57. Sailor Uranus
58. Sailor Neptune
59. Viluy
60. Setsuna
61. Tellu
62. Cyprine
63. Ptilol
64. Super Sailor Moon
65. Mistress 9
66. Sailor Saturn
67. Pharaoh 90

:bulletblue: Sailor Moon SuperS-Season4 :bulletblue:
68. Pegasus
69. Zirconia
70. Helios
71. Diana
72. Super Sailor Chibi Moon
73. Cere Cere
74. Jun Jun
75. Ves Ves
76. Palla Palla
77. Tigers Eye
78. Hawks Eye
79. Fish Eye
80. Queen Nehellenia
81. Eternal Sailor Moon
82. Sailor Ceres
83. Sailor Pallas
84. Sailor Juno
85. Sailor Vesta
86. Princess Mercury
87. Princess Mars
88. Princess Jupiter
89. Princess Venus
90. Princess Neptune
91. Princess Uranus
92. Princess Pluto
93. Princess Saturn
94. Luna (human form)
95. Artemis (human form)
96. Diana (human form)

:bulletpurple: Sailor Moon Stars :bulletpurple:
97. Yaten
98. Taiki
99. Seiya
100. Galaxia
101. Sailor Iron Mouse
102. Chibi Chibi
103. Sailor Aluminum Siren
104. Sailor Star Fighter
105. Sailor Star Healer
106. Sailor Star Maker
107. Sailor Lead
108. Sailor Chibi Chibi
109. Sailor Tein
110. Princess Kakyu
111. Star Sailor Lethe
112. Star Sailor Mnemosyne
113. Sailor Heavymetal Papillon
114. Sailor Phi
115. Sailor Chi
116. Sailor Kakyu
117. Sailor Cosmos

:? F.A.Q. :?

Q: May I join?
A: Of course! Just hit the 'join' button!

Q: Is there a time limit for the challenge? Does it have to be done in a certain time frame?
A:  No, absolutley not! I've been working on this since 2007 :XD:

Q: Why are there characters missing from the list?
A: This list originally from a fellow Deviant who had become inactive. It is not OUR list but we have 'adopted' it so that we could finish the challenge that we've started.

Q: Why don't you add in the missing characters?
A: Because many people have already started the challenge and it wouldn't be fair to change it. We want to keep it the way it was before the group was established.

Q: Do each of these characters need to be drawn in an individual picture? Or can I draw two of them in the same picture?
A: Yes, for the challenge itself, they should be individual pictures. However, we do have another folder for other Sailor Moon art.

Q: Do they have to be drawn in any particular style?
A: You may draw them in any style you'd like. We like variety!

Q: Has anyone ever completed the challenge?
A: Not yet....but I will! ;P

Q: Do they have to be newly drawn pictures or may I used older art that I have done?
A: We'd prefer newly drawn, however, we will gladly accept older art too. :)
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

TUSMFC Avatar by Magical-Mama
Challenge Season 1
Artemis by iliowahine
Sailor Venus by iliowahine
Minako/Mina by iliowahine
Ikuko Tsukino by iliowahine
Challenge Season 2
42. Sailor Pluto by amethyst-rose
35. Chibi-usa by amethyst-rose
43. Esmeraude by amethyst-rose
Black Lady by dreamy-galaxy
Challenge Season 3
[Redraw] 53. Sailor Chibi-Moon by amethyst-rose
[Redraw] 57. Sailor Uranus by amethyst-rose
[Redraw] 58. Sailor Neptune by amethyst-rose
[Redraw] 66. Sailor Saturn by amethyst-rose
Challenge Season 4
JunJun by dreamy-galaxy
Super Sailor Chibi Moon by dreamy-galaxy
PallaPalla by dreamy-galaxy
77.Tigers Eye by Animecolourful
Challenge Season 5
102. Chibi Chibi by Animecolourful
101. Sailor Iron Mouse by Animecolourful
100. Galaxia by Animecolourful
86. Princess Mercury by amethyst-rose
sailor scouts by Invader-celes
Sailor Moon Chibi Cast by Pokey57
Sailor Moon by airbornewife71
Commission ZeFrenchM 002 by Dave-Yerushalaim
tuxedo mask and sailor moon by Invader-celes
The power of love by Dave-Yerushalaim

Mature Content

Hold Me Tight by Joey-Lanuza
wedding photo by Crystalkou
Sense the Danger by Schnucki089
moon cosmic power by Invader-celes
awakening of the moon princess by Invader-celes
luna redraw by Invader-celes










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